Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I register on Sip Selection? What are the benefits?

Sip Selection is a self-service, single point of business contact with HEINEKEN Beverages, where you have access to the following, 24/7, 365 days a year:

  • Order and re-order drinks stock any time, from anywhere
  • A Bulk Order Upload option for placing large orders
  • Track order status and view order history
  • Check your current deals
  • Easily view your available credit and account balance
  • Access to expert support via our chatbot

Sip Selection, powered by HEINEKEN Beverages, provides 24/7 support so there’s no need to wait for our sales consultants to get the information or service you need. With Sip Selection, it’s possible to do what you need to do, at your own convenience – even if it’s after regular business hours.


How can I start using Sip Selection for my orders and account information?

Sip Selection can only be used by South African-based customers who buy directly from HEINEKEN Beverages (formerly Distell) with an active HEINEKEN Beverages trading account.

Existing HEINEKEN Beverages Account Customers

Simply click here to provide the details required for Sip Selection registration.

New HEINEKEN Beverages customers

Click here to start your HEINEKEN Beverages account application process; and once approved, you can proceed with the Sip Selection registration process.


Does the price I see on the sip selection, include my deals and discounts?

No, the price you see reflected on Sip Selection, excludes VAT and any deals or discounts applicable to you. Click on the My Deals link at the top of the page to get a view of your current deals. Any deals and potential discounts will be applied to the checkout pricing calculation.


Will I see if a product is out-of-stock when I place an order on Sip Selection?

Yes. If a product is out of stock, you will see it during the checkout process in the Order Review section.


Is there a minimum order value when placing an order on Sip Selection?

Yes, there is. When placing your secondary order from the Distell Catalogue, ensure that the order value is R 2,000 or more – and when ordering from the HEINEKEN Catalogue, orders should be R10,000 or more.


Why are there different minimum order values, what’s the difference?

Secondary orders placed will now be split between two distribution networks – HEINEKEN Beverages (formerly Distell) and HEINEKEN (Beer) – and will thus be delivered accordingly. This is why there are two different minimum order requirements. If you order from both the Distell Catalogue and HEINEKEN Catalogues, the order will be delivered via the two separate distribution networks.


What happens if I place an order and the product is out of stock?

If a product in your order is out of stock, you can go back to the cart to remove/replace the item, or simply proceed with placing the order for the remaining (in stock) items.


How can I check the status of my delivery?

Under the Order History section, you can see the updated status as it changes from Submitted to Delivered.


How do the deliveries work?

Primary Deliveries: HEINEKEN Beverages will contact you to arrange a delivery day.

Secondary Deliveries:

  • Distell Catalogue Products will be delivered by the HEINEKEN Beverages Distribution Network
  • Heineken Catalogue Products will be delivered by an external service provide


Is the system secure?

Your communication with the system is encrypted. We take the security of personal information very seriously and always do our best to comply with applicable data protection laws.

Our site is hosted on a secure server and uses security measures to prevent interference by intruders. However, no method of transmission over the internet is 100% secure, therefore the absolute security of personal information cannot be guaranteed. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Will HEINEKEN Beverages still call me to place orders if I register for Sip Selection and place my orders online?

Yes, HEINEKEN Beverages will call you to see if you need assistance with any order placements. Sip Selection is one option for you to engage with HEINEKEN Beverages and place orders when & where it suits you.

  • Can I have multiple logins for my account?

  • Only one login is available per account.

  • Can I use my login for purchases on multiple accounts?

  • Yes, at the top of the page under your profile, simply select the account that you wish to view or transact on. If the account you want is not reflecting, send a request to, with the account number, requesting that it be linked.

  • Who can I contact if I need help with anything on Sip Selection, like placing my order or navigating the site?

  • Call: 021 809 8600 or 0860 448 377 (Choose Option 1 – Customer Interaction Centre)


    Or to chat with our team, click the Chat with an expert button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


Do I have to have a computer to enjoy the benefits of using Sip Selection?

You don’t need to have a computer to use Sip Selection for placing orders or checking your account information. You can also access Sip Selection using any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device that has internet access.

You can either use the device’s built-in web browser; or for even greater convenience, you can now search and download the all-new Sip Selection app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple) – allowing you to truly place orders at any time, from anywhere, even while on the move.


What is the Order Template and how does it work?

The order template is a tool that you can use as a “saved” shopping list for products that you order on a regular basis. Simply add your frequently ordered products to the order template so that you don’t need to search for them each time you place an order. You can adjust the order amount required and add to cart from there, to check out. This tool should speed up your ordering process significantly.


How can I cancel or change an order that has been submitted?

You can cancel an order via the Order History page, available under My Account. In the Order History table, select the order you wish to cancel and click Cancel to action the request.

If you want to change an order that has been placed, simply select the order on the Order History table and click Amend. The order will automatically appear back in your cart, where you can remove or amend products, as required. Once corrected, you can check out to submit the order.

Please note that you can't cancel or amend an order that is already out for delivery.


Can I simply resend an order if the same as sent previously?

If you want to resubmit a previous order as a new order, simply select the order on the Order History table and click Reorder. The order will automatically appear in your shopping cart where you can go proceed to check out. Remember that the Order Template is a great tool for placing similar or repeat orders in a quick, simple manner.


How do I return empties on Sip Selection?

Log your request for Empties Returns via or call the CIC on 0860 448 377 / 021 809 8600.


I forgot my password!

If you have forgotten your login password, simply click “Forgot your password?” on the login page and follow the prompts. A reset password link will be emailed immediately.


How do I change or reset my password?

No need to call the CIC to request a password change, simply click here and follow the prompts for creating a new password.


When will my order be ready for collection or delivery?

Orders for Second Delivery must be placed by by 3pm, 48 business hours prior to your standard Delivery Day. Your delivery will take place on your standard delivery day. Orders placed after this cut off will default to the following week.

Orders for collection must be placed 3 business hours before collection site closing time.

Primary Delivery customers will be contacted by a consultant to confirm stock availability and delivery details.


Why does my Bulk Order Upload fail?

An error message will be displayed if a Bulk Order cannot upload, possibly due to formatting errors. Check the file to confirm that:

  • Line 1 of the file only reflects the headings SKU, Quantity & Amount.
  • Line 2 only reflects the SKU, Quantity and Amount captured – the descriptions displayed on Line 2 when the template was downloaded, must be deleted when saving the file for upload.
  • No decimals are reflecting for SKU numbers or Amounts.
  • The correct abbreviations for Quantity are reflecting as PC, CS, PAC or PAL.


Why do some of my products fail to upload to my Order Template or Shopping Cart from my Bulk Order Upload?

The Bulk Order file may not contain both HEINEKEN Beverages and HT&R products. Only products from the selected Catalogue will upload successfully. The failed items will need to be uploaded as a new order for the alternative Catalogue selection.